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Finally, Kindle 3 is officially launched on 28 July 2010 for ordering. With Kindle 3 being the latest kindle, it is to outbeat its competitors including iPad, eReaders and The Nook in terms of the offered prices and features. Kindle 3 review will be shared here to compare its fantastic improvements over the 2nd generation Kindle 2.

Kindle 3 Size and Weight

Kindle 3 is really 21% smaller and 17% lighter than its former Kindle 2 family model. The 6″ display size still remain as it is even with this smaller form factor. This has greatly enhanced Kindle’s portability and to outshine against all of its other competitors in the similar category. With only 8.7 ounces in weight, Kindle 3 can be read comfortably with only one hand as it is even lighter than a typical paperback and slimmer than a magazine.

Kindle 3 Battery Life

Former Kindle 2 battery life is about 14 days without wireless connection. Buy Kindle 3 which has certainly pushed its battery life even further to a longer period of one month without wireless condition. In real reality, its battery life may be even longer than its official stated specifications.

Kindle 3 Screen Display And Size

This 3rd generation of 6″ kindle reader has the same improvement of over 50% contrast than any other e-reader for the optimum reading experience. Kindle 3 can be read with its latest, high contrast E-ink for the sharpest texts and images. With this latest display feature, the reading experience can be almost the same like reading on printed book. Its screen display is also sharper and more natural with no glare or backlight. Therefore, it is even more comfortable to read on Kindle than reading on a computer screen. Those who know Kindle 3 for the first time will love it at the first sight.

Kindle 3 Fonts

Besides having a better display quality, its proprietary font technology has also improved to make pages turn faster even with sharper fonts. This better feature has led to the making of words and letters more crisp, clear and natural looking. Kindle 3 also comes with 2 additional font choices of any condensed Caecilia and the Sans Serif. It can also allow a broader range of characters like Cyrillic used in Russian, Tajik, Bulgarian and dozens of other languages like Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Greek, etc.

Kindle 3 Storage, Wireless Connectivity And Price

In Kindle reviewnow has a bigger 4GB of internal flash memory for storing about 3,500 books. This is just more than twice the storage capacity of that Kindle 2.The same as the Kindle 2, Kindle 3, had been eliminated an external card memory storage. For Kindle 3 with both 3G and Wi-Fi option pricing at US$189, its faster 3G connectivity has removed the need for large internal buffer storage. Now it can also take an advantage from its neighboring Wi-Fi 3G hotspots for a quicker downloading speed as well as to download stuffs without telco coverage. For Kindle 3 with only Wi-Fi option, it only cost US $139 and 0.2 ounces lighter to match the expectation of budget conscious book readers.

Other Kindle 3 Features

Kindle paperwhite reviews have the similar social features for supporting Facebook and Twitter integration. It also gets voice-accessible menus along with text-to-speech feature to make the Kindle to be fully accessible toolwhich can be utilized in any classroom.

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